Selflessly: Removing Barriers To Give Back

June 15, 2021

In recent years and especially throughout the events of 2020, employees want to see authentic philanthropy from their employers. Josh Driver, Co-Founder and CEO of Selflessly, joins us to share how Selflessly empowers employees of small- to medium-sized companies to give back.

After founding Selflessly in January 2020, Josh and his team had to quickly pivot in response to the pandemic. He shares the creative ways that the Selflessly team served the Indianapolis community with their new product. He emphasizes the importance of including thoughtful features even if they aren’t revenue generators. Josh also explains how Selflessly’s acquisition of Employee Vitals allows them to provide personalized philanthropic opportunities.

Finally, co-host Traci Dossett gets cheesy and shares how she sees Selflessly as a lifeline to the nonprofits they serve and the employees they connect to meaningful opportunities.

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