July 15, 2021

Unexpected changes and multiple stakeholders make building user-friendly software a challenge, to say the least. Zotec‘s Joan Santiago and Don Kane know this first-hand after developing the ISDH’s COVID-19 testing and vaccination scheduling application. In the midst of the chaos, they were grateful for their team’s Agile approach, which has allowed them the flexibility they need to make important updates to the product.

Of course, the Zotec team wasn’t expecting the pandemic to hit and didn’t have this product planned ahead of time. Thanks to their solid foundation as a team, they were able to reimagine an existing product to work for COVID-19 test scheduling in a matter of 10 days. Later, they pivoted the product to accommodate vaccination scheduling.

Zotec’s goal was to create a seamless solution, not only for patients and healthcare providers but also for the regulatory and reporting needs the State of Indiana would have. Don and Joan share the unique challenges they faced during this process, and Joan emphasizes how she’s watched her team exceed their perceived expectations time and time again.

Joan and Don also share about Zotec’s transition from being a pure services to being a technology-enabled services company. They discuss the importance of a championship culture, trust, and honest conversations to their long-term success.

Join us to hear the full story of how Zotec empowered healthcare professionals to focus on healthcare in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Joan Santiago and Don Kane share how Zotec's Agile approach provides the flexibility they need to make important updates to the ISDH's COVID-19 testing and vaccination scheduling application and other critical products. They also discuss the unique challenges and tight timelines they faced and the importance of trust to their success.
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