Behind the Product

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how software products are made. From the people who innovate to the makers who use their craft, each influences products in different ways.

In our Behind the Product podcast, we put the spotlight on the practices that guide decision makers in solving some of society’s toughest challenges.

Engineering More Than Just Products

Duane Musser, Engineering Leader at DoubleMap, shares the things he has found to work (as well as things that haven’t) throughout his career.
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A Softer Pivot

Stephanie Ragozzino, Chief Product Officer at OneCause, shares about her product management role at Aprimo, her transition to B2C at PERQ, and her most recent role at OneCause during the pandemic in 2020.
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Product Management: A How-To

PactSafe Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Eric Prugh walks us through his philosophy and practices in product management.
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Thrust into Product Management

DKP's Michael Thom never expected to be in product management, but that’s where he ended up. He shares his insights on developing software products at a smaller company and his thoughts on juggling work and parenting.
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What is Behind the Product?

Behind The Product takes a behind-the-scenes look at how software products are made. We cover the practices used to solve some of the toughest challenges.
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