2018 Summer Intern Experience

August 16, 2018

As the summer wraps up and our summer interns are returning to school, we’ve asked them to reflect on their experiences this summer. Here’s what they have to say:

Ahmed Ali :SEP was an awesome place to work this summer. It was a friendly environment and I got real project experience working on a big team. I learned Angular and went from being scared of it to loving it. I’m very thankful and had a blast.”

Kiana Caston :I really enjoyed my time at SEP. I was placed on a project where I knew absolutely nothing about the code base/C++ and ended up gaining so much knowledge. I think that the people I met and worked with really made my time enjoyable, and this experience rewarding.”

Aneta Ciepiela :I had a blast at SEP this summer! Working on the CommunityHero team, I was able to be a part of not only software design decisions, but also discussions revolving around UI design, business strategy, and product vision. It was interesting being a part of a startup, and working on features that were put in production. I learned a lot about Angular and Typescript, along with what factors go into developing a product that organizations and volunteers can use to make event and project planning easier. Interning at SEP has definitely helped me grow as a software developer and a person, and has also given me the confidence to step into the industry after graduation.”

Frank Coppola :At SEP, I had a summer full of unique experiences. I had a hand in all sides of the business including data analysis, operations, and finance. I was able to present my projects to clients, work with software engineers and even help launch a start-up! Most importantly, SEP is a welcoming environment with a great history and company culture. It was a pleasure spending my summer in Carmel with SEP, and I will always value the work experiences I gained as a business intern.”

Torin Edwards :From paintballing with the team to leading design studios to learning new software (and sharpening my skills in others), this summer has truly been one to remember. I’ll never forget all the fun, all the professional growth, and, most importantly, all the 2:30 pushups. Thanks SEP, this has been an unforgettable internship!”

Yvonne Lumetta :SEP gave me a lot of good experience programming in a production environment.  In addition to technical skills, I picked up the nuances of programming for a client on a team, as well as technical communication skills and the importance of being upbeat and unshakable.”

Josh Martin :I really enjoyed the people I worked with and the work environment. Everyone at SEP has a growth mindset and I was free to express myself.”

Nick Myers :What a great time and opportunity it was to work on CardBoard at SEP. The work over the course of the summer advanced my skills in online advertising, management, HR, marketing, finance, and more. I’ve learned so many new online business systems like Intercom, Baremetrics, Capterra, and the list goes on. I never realized I would be helping run a global business at the start of this internship, but I’m happy to say Adam and I were able to make this summer very impactful in terms of CardBoard’s growth. We were able to achieve a 12.9% increase in annual revenue, get over 160 new reviews, and even increase our ad engagement by over 39%. Helping with the HR and marketing effort is fun, but with the mentorship from Adam,I was able to improve professionally making this internship even more worthwhile.”

Luke Pell :During my time with SEP this summer, I expanded my knowledge of software engineering considerably.  I thoroughly enjoyed being placed onto a development team full of extremely knowledgeable engineers. Where I could be involved in the solving of interesting problems. This was by far the best interning experience I have had.”

Indhu Meena Ramanathan :My summer here at SEP has been a truly extraordinary experience. I enjoyed the encouraging environment in which I could collaborate with other developers and learn. I was able to learn more about working in a professional environment as well as new programming techniques and frameworks. Overall, it was very fun and rewarding.”

Lianne Yu :The most valuable part about interning at SEP for me was working in a new environment. Normally I’m always around business students or people who come from a business background, so as you would expect, the way we think can tend to overlap. Coming to a company where the majority of employees come from an engineering background showed me other ways you can approach problems and situations, and that gave me an opportunity to work on integrating the business and engineering logic.”

A huge thanks to all of our interns we had the chance to work with this summer! We can’t wait to see everything you achieve in the years to come. Interested in being an intern for us next year? Apply today!