Chris Shinkle Nominated for 2013 Brickell Key Award

March 18, 2013

Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) Director of Innovation Chris Shinkle has been nominated as one of six finalists for the 2013 Brickell Key Award. Awarded to two worthy individuals every year at the Lean Kanban North America Conference (LKNA), the Brickell Award recognizes those demonstrating outstanding achievement, leadership, and contribution to the Lean and Kanban community.

“I’m honored to be nominated for this year’s Brickell Key Award,” begins Chris Shinkle. “It’s exciting to be among a talented group of thought leaders and practitioners in the Lean and Kanban community being considered. Past winners are influencers and innovators and it’s humbling to have the opportunity to join their ranks.”

Chris Shinkle has not only been a thought-leader during his 15 years at SEP, but an active and enthusiastic member of the Lean Kanban community in local and national capacities. In 2007, Chris spearheaded the introduction of lean concepts to SEP, being the first to adopt Kanban management practices and leading the charge among other teams in need of new strategies.

Chris’ dedication to the Lean Kanban community is felt outside of SEP as well. He is an inaugural member of the Lean Systems Society’s Fellowship, frequently speaking at local and national conferences, eager to share his personal experiences while continually learning from fellow colleagues and innovators. He continues to be active in customer projects, creating software solutions based on his perspicacity and grasp of Lean Kanban as productive tools. Chris has helped Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies introduce Lean practices into work environments inexperienced in these areas. He has integrated Kanban with product discovery and project based work, showcasing its versatility while respecting its core principles.

The winners will be announced Wednesday May 1st during the final day of the 2013 Lean Kanban North America Conference.