Fresh Out of Hope? Not Hardly!

June 7, 2013

It’s been a busy week here at SEP; we’ve had a lot of new faces join us. Seven interns and two new hires in one day (oh and there was another new hire that joined us middle of last week as well). Plus we’ve got three more new hires on the way on Monday. Guess who’s got some of the responsibility for helping get these people settled in? Yep, me.

There’s been a few small bumps along the way, but for the most part I think this week has gone well. Two of the interns are working with one of our larger teams on an interesting client project. Another one is working on SEP TeamWorks with one of our engineers that was previously one of our interns himself. And the other four interns and the new hire from last week have started working with our most experienced lead engineer on a product idea that you will hopefully see by the end of the summer. Sounds great right?

Wait, what about those other two new hires? Well… in the mad rush of the week, I dropped the ball and they got put onto an internal project that wasn’t really a great fit and they weren’t given enough direct guidance. (I won’t bother with the details, you can read a first-hand account from one of the “victims“).

The great thing about SEP? Well, if you’ve read Ryan’s post you already know. Another engineer picked up the ball I dropped. Matt noticed the problem, brought it to my attention (thanks!), and dove in to take the time to help me come up with a great solution along with another employee (thanks to Jon as well!).

This is what I love about working at SEP. People are looking out for each other.  They don’t just have their heads down, only concerned with their own best interests. Not only are people not afraid to help their coworkers out when asked, but they actively watch out for each other and work to find solutions to help others without being asked.

So, the end of a busy week has been reached. Ryan now knows where the You Rock cards can be found, and I “think” we’ve got all the new people settled in. Until Monday. When the other three new hires arrive. 🙂