Jeff Gilbert Receives Honor Alumni Award From RHIT

September 17, 2010

Jeff Gilbert, President and Founder of SEP, will be honored Saturday, October 2, 2010 with a Rose-Hulman Honor Alumni Award. The recipients are selected based on their (a) loyal, unselfish and meritorious service in furthering the interests of Rose-Hulman, (b) contributing to the national interest of our country, (c) professional achievement. Rose-Hulman honors four alumni with this honor each year.

Jeff graduated from RHIT in 1985 with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and in 2006; he received his master’s of science from Rose-Hulman in engineering management. In 1988, Jeff founded SEP and the company has grown by hiring quality people and sustaining a culture on which the company was original founded. A large part of SEP’s culture centers on Rose-Hulman whose graduates represent over 50% of its workforce.

We celebrate Jeff’s success and appreciate all that he does for SEP and Rose-Hulman.