Jeff Gilbert to Lead Indiana Vistage Group

November 22, 2011

Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) would like to congratulate Jeff Gilbert on being selected as a Vistage Chair. Vistage Chairs™ make up an exclusive group of highly trusted advisors and coaches who are experts in business leadership coaching. With over 600 Vistage Chairs worldwide, these individuals provide fresh perspectives and insights while helping executives overcome obstacles and make the most of opportunities—all in a context that provides maximum benefit to the organization’s topmost leader.

“I have been involved as a Vistage member for 4 years,” said Gilbert. “I have found this group to be invaluable in finding likeminded peers to help work thru our tough business challenges. When the role as Chair became available I really wanted to take my involvement to another level.”

As a Vistage Chair, Gilbert will help lead a group of business CEOs, facilitate discussions that provide good business direction for its members as well as provide individual coaching. Gilbert explains that most CEOs work in isolation and don’t have a group of peers that can work out issues that affect CEOs. This is where Vistage comes in. Leaders in the group don’t have an ‘agenda’ when meeting with each other and the information discussed is confidential and not competitive.

“My Vistage membership has helped strengthen my leadership skills and has allowed me to meet great business leaders,” explained Gilbert. “SEP has a strong leadership team and my role at SEP will not change. My role as the Vistage Chair will continue to help SEP and its business operations grow effectively.”

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