Meet the 2021 Interns

SEP Interns
June 17, 2021
Headshot of SEP Interns

SEP Interns

Name: Dane Acena

Title: Design Intern

School: Clemson University

Major: Human-Centered Computing

What drew you to SEP?: What drew me to SEP was their welcoming environment. I first saw it when they reached out to me and had continued to see it throughout the interview process. SEPeers are always open and understanding with each other and their clients. This is my second internship with SEP, and, as for round two, it has been an overall very positive experience thus far.

Fun Fact: I have been to 12 national parks.


Name: Augustus (Augie) Bigot

Title: Business Intern

School: Indiana University

Major: Economics, Operations, Law and Ethics

What drew you to SEP?: What really drew me to SEP was how I felt like I could be myself throughout the entire hiring process and the variety of projects that SEP was involved in. I initially applied on Handshake because it was a company close to home, and because jobs in technology have always appealed to me. After doing some initial research, I was amazed by the variety and difficulty of the projects SEP had accomplished. Not many companies can boast projects ranging from aerospace to agriculture.

When it came time for the interview, everyone was extremely welcoming and open. I never felt like I had to be someone different. Fast forward a few months, I am happy to say that I can bring my whole self to work everyday!

Fun Fact: I love to swing dance!


Name: Thomas (Tommy) Lane

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: Purdue University

Major: Computer Science

What drew you to SEP?: I think what drew me to SEP the most was the opportunity to work with such a diverse crowd of intelligent and motivated people in an environment that naturally suits them. Everyone here is welcoming and try to help out in any way they can.

Fun Fact: Lemon is my favorite ice cream flavor.


Name: David Majercak

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: Indiana University

Major: Computer Science

What drew you to SEP?: I chose SEP because they are software-focused; I wanted to be part of a team where I could learn from experienced software engineers and be seen as someone who could actually contribute to the project.

Fun Fact: I like to make web games called incremental games. One of these games is called coffee drinker, and the game currently has over 50,000 plays.


Name: Courtney Masters

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: Taylor University

Major: Computer Science/Digital Media

What drew you to SEP?: I met a representative from SEP at a career fair at my school, Taylor University. After hearing about the company and browsing their website, I knew I was interested. I signed up for an interview slot more on a whim, since I already had another internship lined up. However, after chatting with my interviewer and asking a few questions about the company, the types of projects I might work on, the goals and atmosphere of work life there, I decided that SEP’s culture was somewhere I thought I could fit in well. SEP offered me an internship, and I decided to accept that offer instead of my previous one. I enjoyed my first internship, even though it was virtual and mostly on Zoom, and I decided to come back for a second summer. It’s meaningful for me that I can get a whole new experience with a new project and a new team.

Fun Fact: I have been working on a synchronized Christmas show using Light-o-Rama, which is an editor that you use to configure the lights.


Name: Andrew Morozov

Title: Business Intelligence Intern

School: Purdue University

Major: Industrial Management

Why you chose SEP: I chose to intern at SEP because I believed that I could gain some applicable real-world experience while still learning about some of the high-tech tools used in the software industry. I was drawn by the fact that they are always working on a variety of different projects. This means that, for us, no two days are alike. It is fascinating to learn about how software can make a difference in so many fields. By going through the interview process and seeing what kind of work I would be doing for them, I felt that it aligned with my career goals. I have a passion for working on the business side of technology and thought what better way to get exposure to this than to work with a company who is at the forefront of innovation. 

Also, I really enjoyed the people that I talked to during the interview process.  When talking to the SEPeers here, it can be clear that SEP treats you less like a number and more like someone who can make a real difference to the team, no matter the position you are in. 

Fun Fact: I love to swim! I swam competitively in high school and continued to swim in college for the Purdue Swim Club. Another fun fact is that I will be pursuing a master’s in Information Systems in the fall! I am excited to expand my skill set with such a unique master’s program.


Name: Riley Robinson

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Major: Computer Science

What drew you to SEP?: I chose SEP because it was highly regarded within my school and I really wanted the workplace experience in a place that is friendly and social, all while being close to home.

Fun Fact: I love to watch movies. In fact, I watch at least one movie every day.


Name: Mark Roebbelen

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: IUPUI

Major: Computer Science

What drew you to SEP?: This is my second internship at SEP. I was drawn here in the first place because of the impression of a positive culture filled with people who genuinely cared about personal development. That turned out to be true and I had tremendous growth the last time I was here. Naturally, I’m back for more!

Fun Fact: When I’m not working or studying, I like to make rock ‘n roll, electronic music, and video games.


Name: David Udo-Imeh

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: Purdue University

Major: Computer Science

What drew you to SEP?: I wanted to work at SEP because I wanted the opportunity to get industry relevant, hands on experience. I wanted a position where I could contribute to the team (as opposed to an isolated “sandbox” intern project). SEP seemed like the perfect company to do that. I could see that the company valued inclusivity, and I thought this was important. Thankfully, I have not been disappointed!

Fun Fact: I have lived in three different countries. Nigeria, Ghana, and the US.


Name: Sophie Vincent

Title: Software Engineer Intern

School: Mount Holyoke

Major: Computer Science and Music

What drew you to SEP?: I found out about SEP through TechPoint’s Xtern program, where applicants complete multiple application stages before being assigned 3 to 5 companies to interview with, and one of the companies I was matched with was SEP. While researching for my interview there were a few of the obvious things that caught my eye and drew me in, like being voted the #1 place to work in Indy and being one of the fastest growing tech companies in Indiana, but what first really made me think that SEP was the place I wanted to be was their commitment and dedication to volunteer work and serving the community. Volunteering and giving back to the community are incredibly important to me, and the fact that SEP has made it one of their core values illuminated how wonderful of a company it is and how caring the people at SEP are, and really opened my eyes to the idea that this was the place I wanted to be. 

When it came time for the interview, I was able to learn so much more about the company and the people who work there. I fell in love with the community and the supportive work environment, where people aren’t competing against each other, but are instead focused on helping one another and growing together. I’ve always lived my life by the saying “when you know, you know” and before the interview even ended, I knew that SEP was the place I wanted to be. And thankfully they saw something in me too, because here I am now, four weeks in, loving every moment and never once having doubted my decision.

Fun Fact: One goal of mine is that I want to be able to go to all the national parks in the country. Another fun fact is that I can play the organ.