SEP Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

January 19, 2012

Carmel, IN – January 19, 2012 – Software Engineering Professionals (SEP), a leader in custom software development, announced today the promotion of Traci L. Dossett to become their new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

“Moving Traci into the COO position is really just a reflection of what she is already doing. We managed operations together for more than a decade and she has naturally taken on more and more of these responsibilities,” said Jeff Gilbert, President and CEO of SEP. “I have reached a point in my own career that allows me to hand off daily business and engineering operations to my executive team so I can concentrate on more strategic efforts.”

Since becoming Vice President of Operations in 2009, Dossett was actively involved in significant company milestones, including the creation of SEP’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan, an employee benefit that transferred 100% of SEP’s stock to an ESOP for the benefit of the employees. In 2010, Dossett managed the company’s relocation to their current headquarters including site selection, construction management and design.

Dossett joined SEP in 1993, working part-time as the company’s receptionist, while pursuing her Accounting degree. Throughout the years she was promoted from Accountant to Controller to Vice President of Operations and now to COO. For much of her career at SEP, Dossett has been responsible for leading employee and operational efforts. Dossett has played a significant role in driving the evolution and stability of the company and has been involved in almost every aspect of the business at some point during her tenure.

“SEP and I have ‘grown-up’ professionally together and I’ve been blessed to have been involved in so many great initiatives”, said Dossett. “Last year was an exciting year for our company; we diversified into new markets, solidified our commitment to giving back to our community, and continued to build a strong company for our employee owners. I can’t wait to see what we do next.”

About SEP

  • SEP is a privately held software engineering company located in the Center for Performing Arts Carmel, IN. SEP collaborates with many Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies to develop new software systems and products for business, data and safety critical applications. They offer full lifecycle software solutions to clients in many markets including: medical, aerospace, energy, healthcare, logistics and national defense. SEP currently employs 92 employees.*