Six Keys to More Successful Projects through Visualization

April 30, 2015

Many companies are going through Agile transformations, however most struggle to achieve a lasting impact. Teams often struggle to gain clarity, improve accountability, or realize measurable progress. Traditional tools have failed and so has Agile. They appear to have all the right roles, ceremonies, artifacts, and tools, but something still isn’t quite right. Agile requires having extreme clarity around what we are building. Life teaches us that clarity without vision is almost impossible. This is even more true of software projects where most of the work is invisible. This must change to be successful.

Chris will share how using visualization has improved his agile projects over the past 10 years. Applying these techniques not only on software development projects, but also sales pipeline management, and recruiting processes increases collaboration, improves accountability, and provides greater predictability. He will share a 6 important keys for creating useful visual controls, including specific recommendations for addressing some of the complex issues Agile teams struggle with today. Come learn how visualizations will help you motivate individuals through autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Presented at the 2015 AgileIndy Conference.