Software Engineering Professionals Supports Agile Community

July 14, 2010

Annual Agile conference provides the industry’s most comprehensive exchange of ideas and best practices

Carmel, IN July 14, 2010 – Software Engineering Professionals (SEP), an employee-owned company today announced its sponsorship of Agile 2010, the leading international conference on Agile methods in software development set for Aug. 9 – 13 in Orlando, ( As a sponsor, SEP continues to support the growing Agile community as development, management and business stakeholders within information technology and software development gather annually to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices.

“We are pleased to have the support of SEP as we come together to examine the latest theory, practical applications and implications of Agile methods,” said Jim Newkirk, Agile 2010 conference chair for the Agile Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the advancement of Agile software development principles and practices. “Through the support of our sponsors the Agile conference continues to offer the most relevant and current content, while providing the community a forum to exchange information regarding all Agile development technologies.”

In its ninth year, Agile 2010 is the leading international conference on Agile methods in software development, bringing together many disciplines in the fields of information systems and software development to foster the exchange of fresh ideas and best practices. It provides independent software vendors, software consultants and in-house corporate development teams with the knowledge and shared experiences that lead to successful Agile programs. Agile 2010 connects attendees with the foremost leaders in the Agile domain, enriching the collective body of knowledge and influencing the line of thought in the field. It encourages debate and fosters innovative ideas based on real-world implementations for executives, managers, software development practitioners and researchers from labs and academia.

SEP has two speakers presenting at the conference. Chris Shinkle and Jim LaRue will present on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 on the Business Transformation Stage. The session titled, “From Estimate to Contract – Choosing the Right Model for Your Situation”, will discuss how to select the right model and go from estimates to a cooperative contracting model that fits specific situations.

“It’s important for SEP to get involved with organizations like the Agile Alliance,” said Kelly Wilson SEP Marketing Manager. “Agile2010 gives us the opportunity to share our experiences with consultants and companies across world , while learning from so many great thought leaders in the agile community.”