Three Indiana Companies Take Lead at Annual Conference

June 11, 2009


Indiana Emerges as Front-Runner in Adoption of Progressive Trend

Indianapolis, IN, June 11, 2009 – Three Indiana companies take lead at Annual Lean & Kanban Conference. Bosch, and Software Engineering Professionals™ (SEP) discussed their experiences among international industry leaders. The three companies were noted as favorite speakers by attendees for their discussions on how their adoption of Lean Thinking and kanban systems has transitioned their business.

David J. Anderson, event organizer and President of David J. Anderson & Associates created The Lean & Kanban Conference to further drive progress in software development. The conference provided a unique opportunity for sharing best practices and innovations within the growing community of software engineers, managers, and executives adopting Lean Thinking and kanban systems. Anderson and other thought leaders in the industry have been progressing toward incorporating lean principles into software development, providing extraordinary improvements in quality of products, time to market, and profitability.

“Indiana has emerged as a front-runner in the adoption of Lean and kanban ideas here in the United States. I see a high level of professionalism and expertise and a focus on continuous improvement. The state tends to be associated with older industries but the software engineering professionalism shown by teams like SEP, Inkubook and Bosch clearly establishes Indiana as a leader in a new field,” said Anderson.

The three day conference was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami, FL. The conference had over 50 attendees from 3 continents and included 18 different speakers.

”We invited speakers from various companies to be involved with the conference,” said David Anderson, event organizer. “We specifically wanted Bosch, Inkubook and SEP because they each offered a unique perspective in applying lean principles to software engineering through the use of kanban systems.”

“I was honored when David asked me to speak at the conference,” said Chris Shinkle Development Manager at SEP. “My presentation allowed me to tell the SEP story and share our experience using kanban systems to manage our software development teams. I was thrilled by how the presentation was received.”

Alan Shalloway, CEO of Net Objectives was in attendance at the conference. “Chris Shinkle’s presentation on Embracing kanban was very insightful,” said Shalloway. “More than any other presentation, it highlighted the impact kanban can have on the collaborative ability of a team. It had a definite impact on my thinking.”

Shinkle’s presentation at this conference opened another door for this local software company. SEP’s experience report was so popular, he was asked to speak at the Agile 2009 International Conference in Chicago and the QCon Conference in San Francisco. “Both are very prestigious conferences in our industry,” explained Shinkle. “It was humbling to be asked to speak as a result of the wonderful response in Miami. It is a privilege to share what SEP is learning and implementing using kanban systems in software development.”