Reimagining FORUM's Remote Banking Experience

FORUM Credit Union provides thousands of members in central Indiana with the best tools to manage their money. They decided that having complete control of the interface and functionality of their applications would allow them to best serve their members, so we worked together to fully customize FORUM’s members’ remote banking experience.

Over our years-long partnership, we created and updated FORUM’s web, iOS, and Android applications. Now, FORUM’s mobile and web apps handle more transactions in a month than its physical locations do in a year.

What We Did

Web Development, Mobile Development, User Testing, Visual Design, UX Design, Collaborative Product Discovery

Tech Stack

Swift, Objective-C, Java, C#, ASP.NET MVC


FORUM Credit Union has long stood out as a technology leader in the credit union community. Serving thousands of members in central Indiana, FORUM provides them with the best tools to manage their money.

Financial institutions commonly build their business around a core transactional system. Providers of these core systems provide consumer-facing mobile and web applications packaged with their products. That leaves financial institutions with a key strategic question to answer: use out-of-the-box functionality from a core system provider or build custom products. While out of the box solutions can be cheaper, the financial institution gives up control over the interface and functionality. 

FORUM concluded building would allow them to best serve their members. Over our years-long partnership, we created and updated FORUM’s web and iOS & Android mobile applications.

example screens of financial banking software app


We operate with a product mindset, which means we focus on outcomes for our clients. In this case, that meant usable banking tools for FORUM’s members. We kept an eye on the horizon, building the apps with future operating system and platform convention changes in mind. In addition, we supported FORUM through a core system conversion. We ensured the mobile and web applications were ready for the conversion and supported any post-deployment issues.

To ensure we were meeting those outcomes, we frequently checked in with actual members who bank with FORUM. Conducting user research allowed us quick feedback on new features. FORUM’S extensive usability research coupled with our user experience modeling tools resulted in intuitive workflows through the apps. This type of collaboration and co-development is key to successfully building applications.


As a result of our work together, FORUM fully customized its members’ remote banking experience. This decision to build versus buy has paid off: their mobile and web applications now handle more transactions in one month than all of FORUM’s physical locations together handle in an entire year. FORUM’s strong commitment to technical innovation and tailored user experiences make it clear it is a customer-focused leader in the credit union industry.

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