Revolutionizing Portable Lab Test Equipment

Our client makes a game-changing portable device that brings the power of a lab to first responders in the field. They engaged us to create the touch-enabled display software that powers this tool.

Gloved users of this device need to quickly identify and classify chemical samples, so we focused on creating an intuitive user interface with large buttons and streamlined information delivery. Our work together helped our client meet a vital launch date and emerge as an industry leader.

What We Did

Visual Design, UX Design, Embedded Development

Tech Stack

C#, WPF, WCF, Windows Embedded OS


In both government and private sector situations, first responders need an easier way to quickly identify and classify liquid and air chemical samples in the field. Instead of incurring the time and expense of capturing/sending samples to a lab, this device brings the ‘lab to the samples’.

Our client manufactures a game-changing, portable device that makes it easy to bring the power of a laboratory out into the field. When this product is needed, users are often wearing protective gear like thick gloves and face masks. Ease of use in heavy gear and quick information delivery are key to this product’s success. Our client engaged SEP to design and create the touch-enabled display software to power this portable lab test equipment.


Together, we created a touch screen application using C# and WPF. We leveraged our UX chops to ensure an intuitive experience for the portable display. Large buttons and streamlined information delivery allow for easy use by gloved users. In potentially hazardous situations, users need simple information about the substance they are testing in order to quickly know what to do with it. We worked to ensure screen workflows only show information needed to make timely decisions.

We established a visual design guide so our client can continue to consistently build on the user experience in the future. The architecture is also friendly to future extensions.


Our client worked tirelessly developing the hardware for the industry-changing portable lab test equipment over the past several years. Our efforts to create the equipment’s software culminated in our client successfully meeting a crucial sales launch date. The successful launch established our client as a leader in their industry.

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