Experience as a Service

April 15, 2021
Learn about the evolution of Experience as a Service from Genesys‘ VP of Product Management, Jack Nichols. Jack discusses prototyping with regulatory constraints, ways Genesys hopes to apply AI to their product, and innovation within a large enterprise.

Throughout our conversation, Jack explains the growth of experience as a service. Many companies have customer touchpoints fragmented across multiple systems, leading to poor experiences for customers and employees alike. Jack believes that a single customer engagement system is the way to go, ensuring that all touchpoints with the customer are connected to provide a great experience. For example, as a leader in the customer engagement space, Genesys uses AI to route calls, creating customer and representative match-ups that are most likely to achieve positive results based on the attributes of each customer.

Jack shares about their growth from product discovery to finding product-market fit to scaling the product, to now – enterprise maturity. While it was a hard decision to make at the time, Jack explains that the team’s decision to focus on the security and stability of the product before moving on to building new features allowed them to scale successfully.

We also get a glimpse into prototyping and scaling telephony products at an enterprise level within regulated environments. Jack shares the pros and cons of these challenges: the process of releasing new features is time-intensive, but it also leads to confidence that what’s been released is rock-solid by the time it gets to users.

As we wrap up our talk, Jack shares the importance of listening to customers and Genesys’ plans to gather in-depth user feedback on the product.

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