2021 Interns: How the Summer Went

August 10, 2021

Our 2021 summer interns shared what they loved most about their internship at SEP. Check it out:

Dane Acena

“What I loved about SEP is their welcoming culture for curiosity, exploration, and ideas. From the first day of interning at SEP, they have encouraged me to ask a lot of questions, be open to collaboration, and be engaged in ideations and discussions. It’s great to see that my work is being set into production pipelines since SEPeers are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences, and expertise. This summer, I’ve learned that even the simplest idea could have such a huge impact.”

Augustus (Augie) Bigot:

“From week one we dove into learning all about SEP, what they do, and how they do it. It was overwhelming at times, but the BizOps team was right there to support us as we progressed on our projects. We learned how to report data in Power BI, helped with the SEP podcast Behind the Product, and touched so many more aspects of the business. What I will ultimately take away from this summer is the importance of being generous with one’s time and talents. Whenever I would find myself stuck on a project, there was always a helping hand there that genuinely wanted to help everyone succeed. This wasn’t applied to just other SEPeers either. We would get the opportunity to volunteer at the Camptown Natural Wonders Day Camp, and drop off food donations gathered by fellow SEPeers at local food banks! I was not sure what I was going to experience at the beginning of the summer, but if I had the chance to do it again, I would in a heartbeat.”

Thomas (Tommy) Lane:

“I’m not sure I’ve ever learned so much so quickly before. SEP does a great job of giving us a “firehose” of information and a great environment to consume it in. There is always somebody with an answer or idea and the willingness to communicate it. At the beginning of the summer, I was faced with a tech stack that was almost entirely new to me and by the end of the summer, I had learned enough to work confidently on any part of the project. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everybody and am grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

David Majercak

“I learned so much this summer that it feels impossible to sum up my experience into only a few sentences. I learned an abundance about the software development process and everything surrounding it. I was able to get exposure to technologies like AWS, Docker, Github Actions, Jira, and Azure; learn about Agile and Lean Coffee chats, and read books on neural networks and writing effectively. It was incredible to be able to work side by side with senior engineers with decades of experience. My internship at SEP really makes me look forward to a career in software engineering!”

Courtney Masters

“I loved collaborating with other members of my team. It taught me new ways of thinking and problem solving that helped me to become a much more well-rounded programmer. I also enjoyed meeting various people throughout the company at the intern AMAs. We definitely got some good life and career advice.”

Andrew Morozov

“At the beginning of the summer, I had just completed my business degree. While I was able to succeed in the classroom, one thing that I needed more work on was succeeding in the real world. SEP helped me with taking this next step. This internship at SEP helped me learn how to directly apply my skills to real-world applications.  I learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable by presenting to a variety of different people and audiences.  I learned to ask questions and gain valuable feedback so that I can ensure I am providing high-quality work. And, most importantly, I learned how to better work in a team and collaborate with others. Overall, I am thankful for my time at SEP, and I wish everyone there all the best in their future endeavors!”

Riley Robinson

“I have loved the friendliness and openness of the environment, along with getting to learn many intricate details about coding and software engineering. I’ll be taking away the confidence in asking for help and communicating my ideas for all to understand.”


Mark Roebbelen

“I loved getting to meet and hang out with fellow interns and co-workers at the office and getting to learn more about the company leadership through “Ask Me Anything” sessions. I loved leveling up my coding skills and contributing to my team’s project. I will be taking away added confidence, professionalism, and programming skills from my experiences and feedback this summer.”


David Udo-Imeh

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SEP this summer! What I loved the most about this summer was my role in the company and on my team. I felt like there was a deliberate integration into the project, to the extent that I didn’t feel like just an intern, but a contributing team member. That commitment allowed me to get the most out of this summer. Being so heavily integrated, I learned a lot about the software development lifecycle, industry practices, and gained applicable work experience. I think this was more important than all the new technologies and technical skills I learned this summer.”

Sophie Vincent

“One of the things I was most excited about coming into my internship was to experience the SEP community that I had heard so much about, and now that the summer is reaching an end, I can say that working at SEP has been better than I ever could have imagined. Not only was I able to meet and connect with so many amazing people throughout the company, but almost immediately it felt like I had become a part of a welcoming and fun family. Going forward, I’m going to miss the friends and community I’ve grown to love these past three months, but I hope to take with me the knowledge and confidence I’ve gained since starting at SEP.”


Thank you to all of our interns for spending the summer with us! If you are interested in joining us for an internship opportunity, reach out