Behind the Product

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how software products are made. From the people who innovate to the makers who use their craft, each influences products in different ways.

In our Behind the Product podcast, we put the spotlight on the practices that guide decision makers in solving some of society’s toughest challenges.


Selflessly: Removing Barriers To Give Back

Josh Driver, Co-Founder and CEO of Selflessly, joins us to share how Selflessly empowers employees of small- to medium-sized companies to give back. After founding Selflessly in January 2020, Josh and his team had to quickly pivot in response to the pandemic. He shares the creative ways that the Selflessly team served the Indianapolis community with their new product.
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The Last Mile

Join us to learn about The Last Mile, a program that prepares incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through business and technology training, from Jen Browning, Technical Program Manager at Indiana Department of Correction and Jacob Briggs, The Last Mile Graduate & Apprentice Software Engineer at SEP.
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Experience as a Service

Learn about the evolution of Experience as a Service from Genesys' VP of Product Management, Jack Nichols. Jack shares about prototyping with regulatory constraints, ways Genesys hopes to apply AI to their product, and innovation within a large enterprise.
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Avoiding Innovation Theater

Ryan Larcom of High Alpha Innovation joins us to discuss innovation through startup creation on this episode of Behind the Product.
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A Fresh Perspective

Tim Lancaster from Indigo BioAutomation joins us to discuss software product development, problem solving, and innovation in regulated industries.
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Many Paths to Success

Wes Winham joins us to share his journey to building Woven. Wes also discusses his team's experience with a no-code approach and the discipline it took to stick to it.
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AI: Chicken Or The Egg

Jeff Cunning and Charlene Tay from Pattern89 join us to talk about how they use AI to help marketers build creative content that resonates with their audiences.
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Integrating a Design Practice

As engineering and design leaders, Jaki and Casey talk through techniques and practices that have helped Lessonly level up over the past 18 months.
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Engineering More Than Just Products

Duane Musser, Engineering Leader at DoubleMap, shares the things he has found to work (as well as things that haven’t) throughout his career.
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