Behind the Product, a Software Development Podcast

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how software products are made. From the people who innovate to the makers who use their craft, each influences products in different ways.

In our Behind the Product podcast, we put the spotlight on the practices that guide decision makers in solving some of society’s toughest challenges.

Oji & Ezinne Udezue: Customer Listening – The Shift from Projects to Enduring Products

This episode features a dynamic conversation with Oji and Ezinne Udezue, both Chief Product Officers at Typeform and WP Engine, respectively. The Udezue’s draw from their extensive experience as product leaders to discuss the concept of customer listening and its…
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Inside SEP: 3 Considerations for Cloud

SEP’s Director of Engineering, Jon Fuller, explains his starting points for helping customers make intentional choices before they build applications in cloud environments. Whether you’re building a brand new application or need to migrate from something deployed on-prem, these areas will help you make a more…
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Josh Haines: Finding Success with Digital Transformation

This episode’s guest is Josh Haines, he is the Global DevSecOps Capability Manager & Software Factory Founder at Rolls-Royce. In this episode Josh shares his journey over the past few years focusing on Digital Transformation within the Defense organization at Rolls-Royce. His mission has been to empower the development…
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Christine Itwaru Podcast Episode - AI in Product Management

Christine Itwaru: AI in Product Management

Our guest is Christine Itwaru, she is the head of Product at Christine recently gave a talk at Industry: A Product Conference on utilizing AI in the Product Management Lifecycle and we dove into this subject a…
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Jeron Peoples: Strategy and the Indy Tech Ecosystem

Our guest is Jeron Peoples, he’s responsible for strategy at ARI and Sports Tech HQ. Wearing multiple hats within two organizations is fun and challenging. Our conversation focused on a few areas: Context setting on what ARI and…
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Inside SEP: Executive Order on AI Embed

A new format for Behind The Product, this episode features Jordan Thayer and Raman Ohri with SEP. Jordan is the AI Practice Lead at SEP, with a PhD in artificial intelligence. Raman is SEP’s CEO and has been…
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Being Your Best Self With Cloverleaf

Our guest is Kirsten Moorfield, she’s the cofounder and COO at Cloverleaf. We talked about a number of things related to her pivot into tech, the journey she's had so far and why she feels the work at Cloverleaf is so needed and important.
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Holder: Web3 for Marketers

Jump into the world of Web3; specifically focused on CRM and customer engagement utilizing Web3 technology.
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Behind the Product Podcast Episode Banner for ProTeam Tactical Episode

A SHIELD for Serving First Responders

Jim Sorgi and David Smith discuss why ProTeam came to be and their mission of serving First Responders with the best mental health app.
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