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We love to make things. To think through a problem, come up with a great solution, and then make it come to life. That’s why SEP Makes is special: because it brings us together for an insightful weekend of pitching, conceptualizing, and making. Not to mention some sleepless nights.

Hackathon: Pitches, products, prototypes and more

Twice a year, we come together for a weekend of pitches, conceptualization, and making.

Influenced by the Kaufmann Foundation’s Startup Weekend, SEP gathers our eager makers into our offices. Beginning early Friday night, these creative builders embark on a journey of self-discovery and a search for new skills and technologies.

The hackathon is built around the same techniques and processes found in SEP’s daily successes, with a few twists. Individuals come prepared with a software or application idea. The group votes on the best ideas, splits into teams, and begins work on creating a functioning product that can be demonstrated by the end of the 48-hour session.

Hackathon Weekend Experiences

Software developer in SEP t-shirt examines code on computer screen

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The Value of Personal Projects

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Aaron Alexander

"SEP Makes provides a great way to experiment with new technologies or try something different. I've participated in most of these events since I've been at SEP and gotten something out of it each time. Whether working with people I don't normally get to work alongside or building something fun, it's a great experience."
Aaron Alexander, Delivery Lead
Our Sandbox

Our Sandbox

Our sandbox is a place where our innovative makers get to tinker with new ideas. Sometimes these ideas turn into products, other times they stay as thought experiments – either way, we love to share them!



Explore Our Sandbox

Sector Director – An Exploration into Classic Graphics Programming

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Tiledriver – Making Wolfenstein 3D Levels with Machine Learning

This is the second post in my series on the value of personal projects. See the first one for more context.…

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Open Source

Open source

Since we work on many projects that use open source tools and libraries, we want to return the favor when we can. Whether a library or a fully realized product, we hope the open source community takes what we’ve started and solves problems through ingenuity and imagination.

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