Embedded Software Development

We’re hardwired for the most complex development engagements. In fact, we’ve been working on them for 30 years. That’s why we can handle the full spectrum of embedded systems software work—from custom hardware and bare metal all the way up to the most intricate Linux platforms. Not only do we build for industry standards like SAE and IEEE, we design and evaluate architectures for vulnerabilities.

Control your complex connections and communications.

We’ve been building embedded electronics technologies for decades: connecting physical devices to the digital world, harvesting data from sensors, and enabling communication with devices in the field. That’s why we’re masters of IoT platforms, tech, manufacturers and languages.

Better UX begins with deeper research.

You can’t build a delightful product without a deep knowledge of your customer and market. So, we ask all kinds of questions in our discovery process to make sure we’re building a product—and an experience—the market wants.

Create new possibilities with the Internet of Things.

We’ve been developing IoT projects for 30 years, so it’s nothing new to us. And it’s why we’re uniquely suited to explore what’s next for connecting physical devices to the digital world.

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Mine more data. Make smarter decisions.

Enhance your business decisions with our expertise in data analytics and AI. We help you gain insights by capturing and mining large data sets. With the power of AI, we can track outcomes and even predict how to improve them.

Embedded Development Case Studies

SEP builds embedded tech that matters more to everyone from farmers to first responders. Because we’ve served companies in Aerospace, Precision Ag, Automotive, Medical Devices, and Consumer Electronics with our IoT wizardry. We have the know-how to connect to tech like Alexa and HomeKit. To craft apps that are location aware. To harvest data and enable communications with devices in the field. Explore our case studies to see why our embedded engineers are trusted by the enterprise.

scan door lock

Unlocking an Untapped Market

We teamed up with a Fortune 500 security product manufacturer to quickly bring a new access control product offering to market
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close up of man on laptop in front of crop field

Creating a Powerhouse App for an Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

We created a web app that decreased the time it takes to search, analyze, and display data for tens of thousands of machines by 99%.
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close up of iv drip with patient in the background

Enhancing the Safety of Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

We improved the safety of our client’s ambulatory infusion pump to reduce clinical errors and improve patient outcomes.
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"SEP’s culture and mindset around software quality was a great fit when helping our team bring new instrument control software to market."
Mike A., Director of Product Development

Let’s develop something special.

Ready to connect physical with digital? Trust our embedded software development to build something awesome.