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AI isn’t just a buzzword at SEP. We’re tackling real problems by creating solutions that impact real people, companies, and communities—the machine learning that predicts hardware failure before it happens, the simulation & modeling software that optimizes the use of raw material to make finished products, and the NLP tool that helps product teams analyze support tickets to prioritize their work.

Our mission is to harness these cutting-edge technologies to enhance business processes and empower teams, not to replace the human element that drives your success. Whatever it is you need, we build custom AI solutions where human ingenuity meets the awesome power of Artificial Intelligence.

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Custom AI Development Pros

Whether you’re integrating with an AI library or building a custom solution, we can help you understand the feasibility—we’ve got your back.

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AI Strategy & Implementation

At SEP, we craft custom AI solutions that replicate and scale human experts to make businesses more efficient and critical processes safer. But our in-house expertise doesn’t stop there. We collaborate with clients at each stage of the project journey—from initial strategy and discovery to development, deployment, and even post-delivery support.

Get to know the core elements of AI Services at SEP.
  • Let us partner with you through every stage of your AI development project, from inception to implementation and beyond. Here are a few areas you could expect us to help:

    • Conducting Discovery for market fit
    • Prototyping for feasibility
    • Developing the solution
    • Managing deployment at product launch
    • Providing post-launch support and upgrades
  • AI solutions optimize business processes by making them more efficient, more accurate, and easier to manage, and we see real-time benefits at all levels of the organization. Optimization examples include:

    • Reduced downtime
    • Minimized or removed bottlenecks
    • Improved accuracy
    • Cost savings
    • More time for humans to focus on higher-value activities
  • Some processes lend themselves easily to the advantages of AI and machine learning, such as staff augmentation, resource allocation, and scheduling. Business areas that tend to have the highest ROI for a custom AI solution include:

    • They are expensive in time, money, material, or turnover
    • Repeated, frequent tasks necessary to your business
    • Consistency is part of your competitive advantage
    • Work that requires human understanding


  • AI tools are powerful, but they are fed on data. Do you have the right data? Is it machineable? Is it complete? Is it accurate? SEP is equipped with both the academic background and practical engineering experience to help you build the groundwork for effective use of AI with:

    • Data Readiness Assessments
    • AI Strategy
    • Data Cleansing
    • ETL/Data Ingestion
    • DataOps/MLOps/AIOps
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Security that helps you sleep better at night.

Modern app development is complex, and all kinds of bad actors are looking for back doors and other vulnerabilities. This is why we take security seriously, making it a part of our process from start to finish.

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Discover DevOps that has your back.

SEP delivers exceptional software—backed by the expertise of the people who craft it. Enhance your software quality with our DevOps experts and CI/CD experience.

Better UX begins with deeper research.

You can’t build a delightful product without a deep knowledge of your customer and market. We ask all kinds of questions in our discovery process to make sure we’re building you a product—and an experience—the market and customers need and want.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The team at SEP is absolutely phenomenal to work with! They are fantastic communicators, experts in their field, and extremely insightful on how to facilitate and lead sessions to help grow and guide our ideas. We looked at other potential firms and they did not come close to what SEP could offer our team. Highly recommend working with this group of professionals!"
Sara H., Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

“The best time to talk about your AI idea was 30 years ago, and the second best time to talk about your AI idea is now. That’s how it is with us.”

Paraphrased: George W. White, “The Cleveland Plain Dealer”, Ohio, 1967

AI isn’t the right solution for every problem. We’re always happy to discuss how your business needs align with AI’s capabilities, or don’t, whichever the case may be.

If AI is the right answer, we have a well-established Discovery process specifically designed to find the intersection of your ideas & strengths, your customer’s needs, and AI or other software capabilities.

Long story, short: No. You would be better served by a vendor who specializes in RPA.

Yes! Whether you need a consultation call, quick prototype or a complete discovery project with your feasibility assessment as the deliverable, we’ve done it all.

Probably, but not in the way you think. We think AI will make human experts more effective and allow them to focus their attention on things that matter. We’d love to show you how we’ve seen this work.

We have a unique combination of academic background, three decades of practical software engineering experience, and an innovative approach to product thinking.

The software is yours when the project is completed and we’ll help you understand how it works. We’ll transfer the knowledge to your teams.

Unlock the power of AI to augment human potential.

When you’re ready to embrace the potential of AI with innovative software solutions for your business, we’re here to help.