What Makes SEP Different

It’s one thing for SEP to proclaim “This is how we’re different!”. It’s another to serve clients for decades and listen to the reasons they keep coming back to us.  They are best summarized as: Do it right. Talent unlocked. Excitement to share.

We take pride in applying the right practices (not necessarily the hottest fad), with the best people (no really, we have the best) and not hold anything back (we want to grow with you together).

Do It Right

Do It Right

Experience has taught us the right and wrong way to do things.

We know clients need us to be flexible and tailor to specific projects, technologies, and environments. And we will—but not at the expense of building things that work for the long term.

Shortcuts are actually just traps set to go off in the future. Technical debt is a real thing—and no way to leave a legacy.

We’ve summed all this up in a little mantra: do it right.

Talent Unlocked

Talent Unlocked

No organization has a monopoly on talent; smart, effective people are everywhere. Unfortunately, aspects of work undermine that innate talent and drive—too much multitasking, bureaucracy, and distraction.

We obsess about removing those drags on people’s innate drive and ability. We work constantly to put our people in a position where the talent shines through. In turn, they stick around, grow, and push each other to do their best work.

Excitement to Share

Excitement to Share

Hoarding knowledge is a pretty old-school way to think. So we tried something crazy—and it worked. We took an abundant mindset and share everything we’ve learned.

There is no perfect way to tackle a big, complex problem—but three decades of obsessing over doing it right has taught us some valuable lessons and tricks of the trade.

We take a ton of pride in sharing these lessons and leaving customers better than we found them.

Discover a different kind of partner.

With SEP, you’re not just getting a partner who creates software –  we design and deliver solutions that make a real impact. We thrive on crafting software that matters more.


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