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“Software is never done.” Working with us, clients often share they value our candor, and the reality is that we won’t shy away from telling you truths like this.

Whether you have a maintenance package with a software partner like SEP or plan to handle it in-house, continued product success relies on a proactive plan for ongoing maintenance. The ideal scenario involves routine maintenance, planned enhancements, and critical fixes and updates. A sound product strategy includes getting the best return on investment, year after year. This ongoing attention to your software is not merely a maintenance task—it’s an evolution.

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One thing we know about software in any industry, business, or process—it will continue to change and evolve as technology advances. Software ownership follows a cycle: product launch, monitoring, critical fixes, and updates before eventually leading to new major releases or upgrades. Stay ahead of the curve with Maintenance & Evolution.

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Benefits of Product Maintenance

Our Maintenance & Evolution engagements are tailored to each client's unique needs. Many customers entrust us with the ongoing care and maintenance of the systems we've developed for them. Our support spans various aspects - from keeping your software up-to-date and secure to more comprehensive packages that include bug fixes and the introduction of new features.
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all equation to tally the return on investment for maintenance. Outlying factors like feature requests from your users and any undiscovered bugs, not to mention the rapid pace of changing technology for integrations and data storage. Software maintenance protects your initial investment and typically yields a higher ROI.

    Benefits of Software Maintenance

    • Improve productivity, costs, and customer experience
    • Update enhance user experience, add features, and improve stability
    • Reduce overall maintenance investment for legacy systems
    • Minimize costly security risks
  • New hardware platforms may not work with old software. Bigger screens with higher resolution may highlight flaws. Better processors and more memory enable more complex computation and storage. Plan ahead with software maintenance that incorporates modernization from system updates to the user experience.

    Benefits of Modernization

    • Boost productivity and business agility
    • Enhance interoperability with new technologies and platforms
    • Smoother and faster app deployment
    • Refactor to increase flexibility for creating new features and services
    • Improve technology, speed, and reliability
  • As your business and your users’ needs grow, they rely on your solution to not only run but run well. Scalability lets your solution dynamically adapt to changing user demands.

    Benefits of Software Scalability

    • Performance is maintained during peak usage periods
    • Cost savings by dynamically matching resources to demand
    • Flexibility and agility to add features without impacting performance
    • Improved availability and reliability
    • Enhanced security
  • Proactive and continuous testing helps us catch bugs and errors before a product ever gets into users’ hands. As operating systems update, new feature upgrades are added, and other evolutions occur, thorough testing remains critical for success.

    Benefits of Testing

    • Resolve new issues before users are even aware
    • Find opportunities for improvements and cost savings
    • Automated testing reduces costs and improves reliability
    • Identify and diagnose problems
      Confirm patches were effective
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Security that helps you sleep better at night.

Modern app development is complex, and all kinds of bad actors are looking for back doors and other vulnerabilities. This is why we take security seriously, making it a part of our process from start to finish.

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Mine more data. Make smarter decisions.

Enhance your business decisions with our expertise in data analytics and AI. We help you gain insights by capturing and mining large data sets. With the power of AI, we can track outcomes and predict how to improve them.

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Discover DevOps that has your back.

SEP delivers exceptional software—backed by the expertise of the people who craft it. Enhance your software quality with our DevOps experts and CI/CD experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both retainer and project models for our clients.

Our M&E contracts are flexible, while our expertise is deep and wide– just like our regular project teams. It’s all the same (type of) people in the same building. You’re getting unmatched talent on your support team, whether they are reacting to a new bug fix or proactively getting ahead of an operating system update.

Software maintenance and product evolution are inextricably tied together. To explain, let’s look at the four types of software maintenance:

  1. Corrective – Addresses the errors and faults, such as design and code fixes identified in bug reports
  2. Adaptive – Modifies the application due to outside influences, such as operating system updates or changes to cloud storage
  3. Perfective – Evolves the product as users make feature requests and other enhancements not originally planned
  4. Preventive – Helps reduce risk by proactively adapting software before losing connectivity, security, or functionality


Yes and yes! We have worked with clients who needed post-launch support after an initial engagement with SEP on their project, and we’ve inherited systems and applications that need everything from immediate bug fixes to planned enhancements. We would love to talk with you about your product and support needs.

Your software will continue to change & get more complex. Work with a team who gets it.

At our core, we are dedicated to ensuring that your software remains a valuable asset that stands the test of time. We’d love to talk about how our Maintenance & Evolution services can help your product continue to succeed and evolve to meet changing demands.