Product Strategy & Innovation

SEP’s product strategy and innovation consulting equips clients to evaluate, shape, and de-risk new opportunities. With our broad experience building software and expertise in product thinking, our team guides you through critical challenges to minimize risk and align product vision. We will work with you to drive innovation that supports business objectives and creates customer value.

Create momentum by defining a practical, cohesive product strategy that maximizes the chance of success. You’ll be equipped to turn big ideas into early wins as soon as possible.

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A Proven Track Record of Product Strategy Expertise

With over five decades of combined experience in product innovation and delivery, our team has an impressive track record of driving success for startups, scale-ups, and enterprise-level companies. But their expertise doesn’t stop at consulting; these professionals are doers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of strategy formulation.

They’ve made it their mission to enable companies to construct effective roadmaps that lead to tangible results, ensuring product vision is transformed into a feasible software product.

Meet SEP's Strategy & Innovation Leaders

Chris Shinkle

“Innovation is not a moment of ‘Eureka’, but a diligent process. It’s not about seeking a silver bullet, but rather leveraging competitive advantages and building upon past successes. True innovation is a journey, marked by persistence, learning, and evolution.”

Chris Shinkle – Director of Innovation, 20 years experience in product innovation and delivery

Andy Chen

“Prototyping is a fast, powerful way to verify the most important assumptions in a plan. I’ve seen prototypes reliably bring insights pivotal to understanding how a solution meets user needs and furthers business objectives. Good product design provides options, knowledge, and validation before investing large amounts of time and resources.”

Andy Chen – Senior Product Strategy, 15 years experience in product design

Mike Cronin

“True organizational success lies in outcomes, not outputs. An outcome-driven roadmap helps chart a course while keeping the organization focused on important outcomes, not just outputs and dates.”

—Mike Cronin – Engagement Manager, 20 years experience in product delivery

How Product Strategy & Innovation Maximizes Your Chances of Success

Savvy companies use product strategy and innovation to bring focus to new projects. Leveraging product strategy provides clarity for software delivery.

Learn the Benefits of Product Discovery
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Security that helps you sleep better at night.

Modern app development is complex, and all kinds of bad actors are looking for back doors and other vulnerabilities. This is why we take security seriously, making it a part of our process from start to finish.

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Mine more data. Make smarter decisions.

Enhance your business decisions with our expertise in data analytics and AI. We help you gain insights by capturing and mining large data sets. With the power of AI, we can track outcomes and predict how to improve them.

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Discover DevOps that has your back.

SEP delivers exceptional software—backed by the expertise of the people who craft it. Enhance your software quality with our DevOps experts and CI/CD experience.

Tripp Holt


“Like any company innovating in the digital space, we need flexibility when it comes to product ideation and creation. SEP is the best external software team that we have used by far.”
Tripp Holt, Group Product Manager, Commercial Software, Allegion

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, prototyping is often a critical part of strategy and innovation consulting with our client to test feasibility and scope definition for development.

You’re asking the right questions! A product roadmap is an overview of your product vision and milestones, plotting what comes first, next, and what follows. It also visually represents cross-teams and product dependencies to help order and keep the project on track. A release plan is focused on a specific set of actions tied to creating the product.

Yes! More than 50% of our work is helping clients with existing products or product lines that need to be refocused or re-evaluated for upcoming launches and updates.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategy and innovation, and a timeline is no different. For some clients, a half-day workshop may uncover critical information they need to address before moving ahead. For others, a full strategy and innovation process cycle can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

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