Desktop Software Development

In the laboratory, at the airport hangar, and by the hospital bed, our clients trust SEP to craft exceptional desktop applications. We bring decades of experience with desktop apps to build software that executes critical business functions. We’ve built systems to enable users to calibrate, configure, and monitor physical products—even diagnose their condition.

Their Desk Is Your Doorway.

Modern product development involves communicating with other systems and data sources. Nothing stands on its own—and that’s where the risk is when your systems aren’t connected correctly and efficiently. We’ve been working on desktop dev for decades. Explore how we use the best tools in the business.

Better UX begins with deeper research.

You can’t build a delightful product without a deep knowledge of your customer and market. We ask all kinds of questions in our discovery process to make sure we’re building you a product—and an experience—the market and customers need and want.

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Security that helps you sleep at night.

Modern app development is complex, and all kinds of bad actors are looking for back doors and other vulnerabilities. This is why we take security seriously, making it a part of our process from start to finish.

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Mine more data. Make smarter decisions.

Enhance your business decisions with our expertise in data analytics and AI. We help you gain insights by capturing and mining large data sets. With the power of AI, we can track outcomes and predict how to improve them.

Desktop Development Case Studies

The desktop still matters—from engineering desktop applications to line of business systems and beyond. We’ve been working with Java and Microsoft for decades, with extensive experience in regulated industries like healthcare and aerospace. That means we can do things like implement feature toggles for continuous delivery and build custom features from local to global, as well as, consider omnichannel experiences. Explore our case studies to see how we help our clients make better business decisions with our desktop development.

Giving Structure to a Joist Manufacturer

We rebuilt and modernized our steel joist manufacturer client’s complex design and estimation app which was integral to their sales process.
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Crossing Platforms to Connect Diabetes Data

We built a cross-platform desktop app that allows users to upload medical device information to the cloud.
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Paving the Way for Safer Skies

We worked with our client over the course of 25+ years to update and add new features to their aircraft ground station controls desktop software.
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