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How We Approach Software Consulting Services

We have a mantra around here: Do it once. Because we see a right and a wrong way to do things. Experience has taught us to trust the process and that shortcuts are usually just traps set to go off in the future. Technical debt is a real thing—and no way to leave a legacy.

So, we do it right or not at all.

What Makes SEP Different

Regardless of where you’re coming from or what you think you need from a software partner, we’re going to test your assumptions. We’re going to research your market and make sure it wants what you’re trying to build. We’re going to ensure your vision aligns with your business priorities. We’re going to make strategic bets based on everything we learn. We’re going to reduce risk before we deliver at scale.

It’s a different way of doing things. A way to ensure we do it right the first time.

Discover a Different Type of Partner

The SEP Approach: Build Exceptional Software with Confidence

Explore a high-level overview of the questions we ask, the process we follow—and the challenges we help clients navigate as we work together. There are many permutations to ensure we fit well into the expectations and demands of our client environments and expectations but every relationship needs a starting point, and this framework serves as a steady guide.
  • Does the market want what you’re building?

    Research your market, data, tech ecosystem, and existing assumptions. Observe users to uncover new insights. Explore ideas for product improvements, opportunities, and new problems to solve.

  • Is your product vision aligned with business priorities?

    Move from “what you could do” to strategic prioritization of “what you should do.” Make strategic bets toward clear outcome expectations. Define success and prioritize for business impact.

  • Have your removed as much risk as you should?

    Uncover what might work, reduce risk, and invest in visible learning. Remove the monster hiding in the riskiest assumption through rapid prototypes and testing—before moving into full production.

  • Can you confidently deliver at scale?

    Learnings captured in previous stages will help avoid detours, surprises, and missteps when developing for primetime. Have certainty in product quality, direction, and delivery dates.

Develop something special.

Sure, we don’t approach software like everyone else does. But that’s why you want to work with us, right?

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