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Featured Blog Posts

Best of 2022: SEP’s Top 6 Software Development Resources of the Year

Looking back at our most viewed software development resource articles throughout the year.

#6. WSL, git, and Beyond Compare

Since I’m a git command…

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Welcome to the Dark Side: 6 Tips for Designing a Dark Mode Version of Your App

Are you thinking of coming to the dark side? 🦇🖤 Designing in dark mode continues to grow in popularity, especially following the implementation of optional dark…

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Featured Case Studies

Connected IoT products. Digital Health ecosystems. Global learning management platforms. We’ve worked on some awesome projects over the years, and we continue to shape what’s next. Explore how our software has mattered more to enterprise and mid-market clients across a wide range of industries.

Giving structure to a joist manufacturer

We rebuilt and modernized our steel joist manufacturer client’s complex design and estimation app which was integral to their sales process.
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Empowering athletes to stay hydrated

We delivered a custom hydration tracking app, bringing product and user together through mobile testing and expert UX design.
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Taking higher education sky-high

We partnered with Blackboard to create a new LMS product to better support the higher education market.
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Creating a powerhouse app for an agricultural equipment manufacturer

We created a web app that decreased the time it takes to search, analyze, and display data for tens of thousands of machines by 99%.
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Every industry has its jargon and ours is no different! If you’re new to our world, or just want to see if we mean the same thing, check out our glossary. No big deal if you don’t speak the lingo—we’ll meet you where you’re at. But one thing’s for sure, we can’t make something awesome together if we’re talking past each other.


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