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Take your big ideas sky-high. Migrate your existing applications and systems to the Cloud or build cloud-native apps with a trusted partner who knows how to guide you through the entire process: from strategy to implementation.

Whatever it is you need, we build secure and scalable apps designed for the best user experience. Involve us in your discussions from the beginning to uncover the most suitable opportunities for your project’s success.

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Cloud Development Pros

We’re regulars when it comes to building in the cloud. Whether you’re directly in AWS or Azure, or a platform solution like Heroku; we’ve been there and done that. We have decades of cloud experience and up-to-date certifications to go along with it.

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Cloud Strategy & Implementation

Whether it’s lift and shift or a fully custom cloud architecture solution, we’ve been there. From IaaS to PaaS, we’ll meet you where you are, and go from there. Our mantra is “right tool, right job”. We’ll work with you to figure out what you need, and build from there.
  • Let us guide you through every stage of your cloud adoption journey, from inception to implementation. Here are a few areas you could expect us to help:

    • Solution architecture design
    • Estimating and cost analysis
    • Prototyping new solutions
    • Plan for handoff with IT/Operations
    • Creating infrastructure automation
    • Creating deployment automation pipelines
  • If your cloud spend is out of control, our experts can help. We’ve saved clients millions by addressing unused or misconfigured resources. Here are a few ways you could expect us to help you:

    • Identify and re-architect inelastic applications
    • Optimize cloud hosting solutions
    • Implement autoscaling parameters
    • Reduce cloud sprawl
    • Infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Security needs to be baked in, not bolted on—especially in the cloud. We start with guiding principles established by industry leaders like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. For security, these principles lead us to:

    • Implement a strong identity foundation
    • Maintain traceability
    • Apply security at all layers
    • Automate security best practices
    • Protect data in transit and at rest
    • Keep people away from data
    • Prepare for security events
  • Your business and your users’ needs are constantly changing. We can help meet your needs by taking a Well-Architected approach: building systems that are secure, highly available, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective.

    Benefits of cloud scalability:

    • Cost savings
    • Improved performance
    • Flexibility and agility
    • Improved availability and reliability
    • Enhanced security
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Security that helps you sleep better at night.

Modern app development is complex, and all kinds of bad actors are looking for back doors and other vulnerabilities. This is why we take security seriously, making it a part of our process from start to finish.

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Mine more data. Make smarter decisions.

Enhance your business decisions with our expertise in data analytics and AI. We help you gain insights by capturing and mining large data sets. With the power of AI, we can track outcomes and predict how to improve them.

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Discover DevOps that has your back.

SEP delivers exceptional software—backed by the expertise of the people who craft it. Enhance your software quality with our DevOps experts and CI/CD experience.

Custom Cloud Solutions Case Studies

From higher education to heavy machinery, we build secure and scalable cloud applications for enterprise organizations, startups, and everyone in between. Explore our case studies to see how we can elevate your ideas like never before.

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Implementing Enterprise DevOps Solutions

We helped our client reimagine enterprise DevOps by creating standardized development environments that reduced setup time from 30 days to 30 minutes.
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Automating Engine Inspections

We automated our aerospace and defense client’s engine inspection process and helped them level up their Cloud capabilities.
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construction foreman in safety gear taking notes on site

Managing and Monitoring Heavy Machinery

Our heavy machinery manufacturer client needed to help 150,000+ construction equipment dealers manage their fleets of vehicles
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Todd Zerbe

“We worked with SEP on a DevOps project. They jumped in, figured things out, and solved our problem. We know we’re getting good people when we work with SEP. They have earned my trust."
Todd Z., Senior Vice President of Product Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving to the cloud can change your IT spend from CapEx to OpEx, allow your technology systems to be more agile, and connect disparate systems together.

Yes! What some call a “custom cloud solution” others call “serverless” and others still call “cloud modernization.” No matter what type of cloud-like solution your company needs, we probably offer it as a service!

We get it. The Cloud isn’t really in the sky and money doesn’t grow on trees. When it comes to our clients, we take it personally to help them maximize their investment with us, including controlling costs in their cloud hosting environment. In a typical project, we do a cost analysis early on to determine the most cost-effective solution that doesn’t cut corners for their business needs. Through automations and efficiencies, and following the Well-Architected Framework, we help achieve a lower total cost of ownership for cloud solutions.

Absolutely! We are experts in all three major cloud service providers – AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. Our team holds multiple certifications, ensuring our knowledge is always up-to-date. We stay on top of the tech so you don’t have to!

It depends. We have done this for clients in the past. We would love to have a discussion about your project needs.

Your First Cloud Project, or the Next One

Moving to the cloud can be a big step. Innovating within your existing cloud environment can be just as daunting. We’ve done both, and have the experience to get you where you’re going.