Be a Summer Software Engineering or Business Intern at SEP!

March 3, 2014

internSmart. Fit. Get things done.

Each describes characteristics SEP explores with potential candidates when hiring, even with interns. “When looking for interns, we look for the same qualities we do with a full-time hire,” explains Project Manager and Recruiting Team Member Kyle Pinches.

The interview process focuses not only on in-class performance. “We want to see that it’s more than just class work that interests you, whether you’re putting something together on the web, Android, and iOS, working with a club, or contributing to an open source project,” describes Pinches.

These aren’t just qualities SEP looks for in software engineering interns, but business interns as well. “I need you to be smart enough to learn on the fly; have ambition, challenge yourself, and take risks,” begins Director of Client Relations, Mike Mumau. “Our culture embraces learning.”

Human Resources Manager Laura Terry describes working at SEP, “Our internships offer hands-on experience working on real project teams with our engineers doing the real work. We strive to make sure our interns get to see what it is truly like to be a professional in our industry so we work to put them on client projects, and, of course, we like to show how we operate as a company.”

Part of the learning experience is figuring out what needs to be done and working with the project team to finish tasks. “It’s not all about doing what your boss tells you to do. I want our internship to be more than that,” summarizes Mumau.

Creating an environment allowing interns to learn has led to many discovering what they enjoy most from software engineering. “There’s only so much you can see in class,” advises Pinches. “I’ve learned from interns that it helps them find what it is about software engineering that is of interest to them.”

All three agree that SEP internships not only prepare students for a career after graduation, but allows them to specifically discover what it is about software engineering and business processes that interests them. Working with a variety of industries, a SEP internship is intensive and rewarding.

SEP is interested in learning more about you. We are currently accepting applications for summer software engineering and business internship positions. SEP offers a flexible schedule, exposure to meaningful projects, and the chance to engage in early professional development with full-time employees. Find out more about our internships and how to apply by clicking here.