Book Review – User Stories Applied For Agile Software Development – Mike Cohn

June 14, 2010

What’s the point? This book takes you through the formulation of user stories, from perspectives that should be considered (user, tester, manager, etc…) to some guidelines that should be applied (Is it testable, is it estimateable, etc…). The book shows how a team can use estimated user stories to determine releases and iterations.

How was it? I thought that the first quarter of the book was recap of things that I have picked up or used over the years but it would be a useful basis for someone unfamiliar with user stories and how to use them. What I found very useful was the explanation of how to use the user stories in iteration planning. I found that the book read faster and faster as I approached the three quarters mark and I read on until the conclusion.

Who should read it? Anyone that would be writing user stories should read the first half. Anyone planning iterations and releases should read the entire thing.

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