DevOps Guild

August 9, 2016

Although the term DevOps is fairly new to most of us I believe the culture at SEP and the practices we follow embrace DevOps, but we have not taken credit for it yet. This group will seek to deepen our understanding, technical practices, and help define strategy around DevOps for SEP.



Last week we had our inaugural DevOps Guild meeting (organized by Bob Nowadly). Before we start trying to decide what DevOps is (or what Dev or Ops is) we decided we would gather ideas about what we wanted to get out of the guild, where our interests lie, and what we think we’re already doing (personally) in the area of DevOps.


Once we got all of our ideas out, we granted affinity and tagged our names on things we like, are good at, or are interested in. (High res:



After mapping, we had a few minutes left for discussion. A few interesting topics came up like:

  • “Hosting 2.0” at SEP – Many of us are familiar with the effort involved in hosting the apps we build using traditional practices. DevOps gives us an opportunity to rethink what this looks like.
  • What is your DevOps strategy? – We need to create and solidify our DevOps strategy.
  • Tools/Ideas – As happens when you get any pile of engineers in a room, we start talking about tools and tossing out other ideas. Here is a quick list of things I caught as folks were talking (PLEASE don’t take this list as an exhaustive list of ANYTHING. I know there are 800 other tools out there including your favorite. We’ll be having tool discussions later.)Chef
  • Puppet
  • Docker
  • Cloud (all of them)
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Better Configuration Management (what is configuration management?)
  • Sharing

Next Time

At the next meeting we’re going to do a quick round-robin of folks in the room. Each participant can describe what their project is doing from a DevOps perspective. Potential angles include:

  • Issue tracking
  • Project set up
  • Tools
  • Release
  • Delivery
  • Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Particular pain points

Participants: Jyotsna Raghuraman, Bob Nowadly, Nate Sickler, Chris Shinkle, Mike Hiatt, Aaron Alexander, Thom Root, Noelle Webster, Jon Fuller

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