[DevOps Guild] SaltStack Configuration Management

February 21, 2017

Some time ago, I gave an ignite talk here at our SEP Dev Ops guild meeting discussing SaltStack.  It’s a wondrous configuration management tool with a load of features.  The slides are available at the bottom of this post, but first…


Much of what the slides contain is more about the capabilities of SaltStack and not about Configuration Management as a whole.  For those details, Bob Nowadly started our meeting with an intro to Configuration Management.  Here’s his post.

Between the Lines

Almost everything in these slides was taken almost straight from the SaltStack.com Get Started Guide.  They have some seriously awesome documentation and even have a Vagrantfile you can download which sets you up with a few VMs – one master and two minions.  If you learn by doing, I couldn’t recommend following the fundamentals tutorial more.

Many of the definitions used on the slides are my own words to convey a concept.  As such, they are likely incomplete to describe the term. My audience was folks who knew what Configuration Management was – not people intimately familiar with SaltStack or other tools.  If something seems off with the content, drop me a line or defer to the SaltStack documentation for a more complete/correct definition.


As my last slide indicates – I used images straight from Google Image Search.  If you own one of these images and want it credited/removed, I’d be more than happy to update my resources accordingly.

…and without further blathering here are the slides!

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