How to Write a Support Ticket Your IT Team Will Love

May 17, 2023
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Hi! 👋 I’m Kishan, a Junior Systems Administrator at SEP since 2022, and I know a thing or two about support tickets.

One of the exciting parts about my job is helping SEPeers solve issues that may arise from the services and technologies they are using. An essential component of a modern IT department is the IT ticketing system that manages support requests and issues.

In my first year as a Junior Systems Administrator, I have learned tremendous amounts of different technologies and corner cases. This has also enabled me to interact and learn more about the people at SEP!

As you write your next support ticket requesting help or if you just want to know how to get the annoying squeak out of your office chair, consider these practices for your request to be handled quickly and effectively!

How to Write the Perfect IT Support Ticket

Tip #1: Write a Clear Title (Summary) of the Request/Issue

Something as simple as “My touchpad is not functioning” or “Unable to access my email account on my laptop” can help us understand what to expect when working on that ticket and ensures that your ticket gets the proper awareness.

Stay away from long sentences in the summary section; save this for the description section!

Tip #2: Get Specific in the Description of Your Request/Issue

  • Basic Details. Include information such as when the problem occurred and an approximate time/date of the issue. Something as simple as a time and date can help IT determine possible causes.
  • Image(s). A picture is worth a thousand words! Include screenshots/pictures of what you are seeing. By screenshotting any error codes/messages, IT can proactively research and get up to speed on the problem. This may help eliminate some of the back-and-forth questions/answers.
  • Technology. Having details of the OS/application (i.e. Windows 11, MacOS Ventura, Outlook, etc), version/build numbers, and the type of hardware (Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, Access Point, etc) can help IT research that issue to a more targeted domain.
  • Error Reproduction. Have you replicated the problem more than once? If so, give us the detailed steps to reproduce this issue! Reproducing the issue helps an IT member understand the problem and helps us apply potential solutions as needed.

Tip #3: Consider Adding a Category Type

Category types such as “Network Problem” or “Testing Device Request” can help us determine what problem we may be expecting. This can also help us assign tickets to the right IT personnel as well.

Tip #4: Communication, Communication, Communication

We might need your help for additional troubleshooting or even following up on a solution. Everyone has their preference for communication channels; consider adding the best way to reach you in the ticket. Sidenote, check that preferred channel(s) once or multiple times a day for a faster resolution!

Ultimately, writing an effective IT help desk ticket can help your next issue/request be solved more quickly and effectively!

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