POP for Prototyping

April 25, 2013

Do you POP?  Maybe you should.  It’s a free prototyping app, currently available for iPhone but soon to be released for Android.

POP is a super simple way to capture your wonderful pencil scratchings electronically and create a semi-functional wireframe that you can share with others.

POP uses the camera on your phone (or existing photos) to create your wireframe:


Once you have all your prototyping photos taken and cropped, you can start to implement the flow of your prototype by identifying hot spots and linking them to the next screen in the flow:


Once you’ve identified all your hotspots, you can use Presentation Mode to show off your hard work.

You can also send your prototypes to all your friends:


And it looks fabulous – on their iPhone, iPad or computer: http://popapp.in/w#!/projects/517898e62d91fe8564000752/preview

(Note: at the time of this post, the web view of the prototype was acting quite sluggish.)