SEP CEO Announces Retirement

December 4, 2018

**SEP CEO Announces Retirement
**After 30 years at SEP, Jeff Gilbert is stepping down as company’s CEO

Carmel-based software product design and development company, SEP, has announced that founder and CEO, Jeff Gilbert will be retiring from the company, effective March 31, 2019. Gilbert will remain on the Board of Directors as Chair Emeritus for SEP, and Raman Ohri, SEP’s current president, will be stepping into the CEO role upon Gilbert’s departure.

Gilbert, along with 3 colleagues, founded SEP in 1988 after graduating from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. The top-ranked engineering college honored Gilbert with a Career Achievement Award in 2005 and the Honor Alumni Award in 2010. At SEP, Gilbert has created a culture that values employees, which was demonstrated in one of his greatest accomplishments, when he transferred ownership of his company to the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Ohri started at SEP as a software engineer in 1993. Since, he has held several positions within the company such as project manager, vice president of engineering, and president.

“We definitely picked the right person to lead SEP. Not only does he have an excellent skill set, but he has a deep understanding of SEP at the core,” said Jeff Gilbert, current CEO. “My entire heart has been in SEP since I founded the company in 1988. My biggest focus over the past few years, apart from providing unparalleled products and services to our customers, was to create a strong succession plan that helps SEP continue to excel for many years to come.”

“Jeff has the rare ability to get out of the way, and not micromanage. He is able to recognize rising leaders and let them take the reins. He has a futuristic vision for his company, and that’s proven by the appointment of Raman to CEO of SEP,” says Martha Walker, a member of the SEP Board of Directors. “Raman began his career at SEP and we have all the confidence that he will do a fantastic job taking the company that Jeff founded, and continuing to propel SEP forward.”

SEP has won a ‘Best Places to Work’ award every year since 2010, placing number one in 2010. Since its founding in 1988, they’ve had steady and intentional revenue and employee growth. For more information about SEP, visit

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