30 Days of Testing

October 1, 2017

Last month I learned about an agile testing challenge by the Ministry of Testing. The rules are simple:

  • Complete 31 tasks in 30 days.
  • Share your progress with the hashtag #30daysoftesting on any social media site.

Here is the list of tasks the Ministry of Testing published:

I first thought “Wow this is great, is there a challenge like this for developers?” After a discussion with one of my co-workers, he asked me, “why not do the 30 days of agile testing as is?” I read the tasks above again. Then came to the conclusion that if I change a couple of words in the tasks, it would work for a developer. For example, “Pair with a developer on a feature”  becomes “Pair with a Tester on a feature”.

If you read the links above you will notice the challenge was for September. So why I am I starting now? All I can say is that I was busy. Which was a good thing. I was given an opportunity to do this challenge with a few people I am working with at my current client. The four of us (two testers and two developers) will do the challenge starting October 2. We created a Slack channel on their company slack site to share our progress. In addition to sharing my progress on Slack, I plan to share my thoughts in a “30 days of testing” blog series.

If you are interested in following our progress please follow the #30daysoftesting hashtag on Twitter.

Task 2: What is Agile Testing?

Task 3: Find a Video about Agile Testing and Watch it

Task 4: Read the Agile Manifesto and reflect on the implications of your role

Task 6: Map out what your exploratory testing looks like