Task 3: Find a Video about Agile Testing and Watch it

October 4, 2017

I wrote a blog post giving an introduction to the 30 days of testing challenge that I am doing. Today I watched “Testing Strategy: New Model, Better Outcome” by David Laribee.


  • I had no idea there were so many models of testing
  • Tests are inventory. One of the eight wastes of Lean is too much inventory
  • Great explanation of “Detroit School” vs “London School” of TDD at Minute 24ish
  • London School of tests are used for design. These tests can be treated as scaffolding and can be deleted when the code is written
  • Manual Testing isn’t dead. Not that I thought it was but putting it here to highlight that you cannot automate everything
  • Questions to ask when coming up with a testing strategy – How can we get the maximum confidence for the minimum effort?
  • How do we leverage a few strategies wisely to get tighter feedback loops?
  • Exploratory testing tours. Maybe this is because I was just talking about exploratory testing tours today with a friend of mine, but he referenced the same tours we were talking about! Weird.
  • Laribee’s new strategy pyramid  – pull from other testing models to fit your context

Laribee Strategy

  • Safety – Curated set of tests that make the software safe to change. – Which tests are up to you.
  • Tests should run in a timebox, which is up to you as well.
  • If the test run exceeds the time box then it is time to curate the tests.
  • Spec Example Tests – Developer Unit tests
  • “Detroit School”  – Unit Test against a public API.
  • Design/Discovery Tests – Developer Unit tests
  • “London School” – unit tests with test doubles

Task 2: What is Agile Testing?

Task 4: Read the Agile Manifesto and reflect on the implications of your role