Common Elements of an SEP Project Team Area

October 3, 2022
SEP product development team collaborating with whiteboard

We often get asked what a typical team setup looks like at SEP. We think these elements help to make our project, client, product, and employee experience better.

Kanban Board

We like to use physical kanban boards to track work so everyone can see the big picture from 10 feet away. The ability to visualize our work is powerful and sometimes, it just feels good to move a stick from “doing” to “done”.

Discovery Board

This is the work before the work. Here we seek to answer:

  • What should we build? What should we not build?
  • How should we build it?
  • Who is the target audience?

Build Light

This light is an indicator of the status of this team’s “build”. In other words – is the code compiling and all the tests passing?

🟢 When it’s green, we know everything is good.
🔴 When it’s red, we know something isn’t right.

This is an example of a feedback loop attached to the continuous integration system.

With this, we know immediately when something isn’t working rather than having to wait days or even weeks before a release is created.

LOTS of Desk Space

Our makers do their best when we give them the time and space to do their best. Sometimes that’s alone at their desk for quiet and careful analysis. Other times, that’s with someone else at their desk with fast-paced collaboration. Our desk configurations and office space are designed to fit both scenarios.

Large Team Display

Sometimes we do our best work in a big group (sometimes called Mob Programming)! We’ll also use a setup with large displays to help with demos or facilitate meetings.

Remote Collaboration Tools

We love to involve our clients in the work. We have some teams that have an A/V set up so their client can participate in daily standups, and other meetings daily! The camera installed gives visual access to the work board, and the speaker and microphones make it easy for everyone to contribute, whether on-site or off-site.

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