Ollert – Reveal the Data Behind Your Trello Boards

August 12, 2014


Introducing Ollert, a tool to show you what your Trello boards can’t tell you on their own.

Trello does a great job of telling you about the here and now of your Trello boards; who’s working on what task and what is the current state of a task. But what if I want to know about the state of the whole project? How many work items have we finished in the past sprint, iteration, or duration of the project? He who does not understand the past is destined to repeat his mistakes ad nauseum.

Ollert is a tool with these ideas in mind. Authorize Ollert access to your Trello account, select the board you would like to learn more about, and see all the battle scars your board has experienced throughout the duration of the project.

Learn about your velocity through a Cumulative Flow Diagram. View your work in progress with a WIP chart. See which labels your team uses most frequently with our label chart. See information about your cards and lists from a historical perspective.

Create an account with Ollert to show your support. Users who sign up for an Ollert account will have their Trello authorization saved, saving the hassle of authorizing with Trello every time the user visits the site. An Ollert account is perfect for any user who views board progress frequently, or for creating a continuous display on an office monitor.

Since Ollert’s initial release several months ago, Ollert now boasts over 4000% faster load times, increased data security using SSL and encrypted cookies, and a more consistent Trello connection experience in all modern web browsers.

Discover Ollert now at ollertapp.com.

This post was originally posted here: http://larry-price.com/blog/2014/07/13/ollert-reveal-the-data-behind-your-trello-boards/

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