The Story of SEP’s Hexter the Owl: A Beloved Mascot in the Making

December 11, 2022
I love SEP Hexter

SEP's Mascot, Hexter the Owl

Meet Hexter!

This is Hexter, SEP’s mascot who was first introduced in 2021. He made his debut with the grand opening of our headquarters in Westfield, Indiana.

Why an owl?

Clients frequently describe us as wise, focused, intuitive, methodical, and having unique perspectives. We take decisive and swift action—all while having the ability to see what’s happening around us. We’re often quietly observing and then swooping in to help our clients when they need us.

We guess we’re a lot like owls, so we felt like it would be a perfect match.

How did Hexter get his name?

When we first introduced the owl to our team, he was nameless. We invited employees to submit name ideas and, from there, they voted on their favorites. Hexter was the top choice, in part because his feathers are half-hexes that complement the hex pattern you’ll see throughout the SEP brand.

Where does Hexter appear?

The concept of Hexter came to fruition in late 2021 as we transitioned into our Forever Home. We’re now “nestled in the woods,” as we like to say. Like a true owl, Hexter isn’t always visible around the office at SEP. Rather than appearing everywhere all the time, his likeness appears at opportune moments—like when new team members are welcomed on their first day. Employees can see peeks of Hexter on select SEP swag items, on occasional internal materials, and in celebratory moments.

SEP's Mascot, Hexter the Owl, Greets New Employees
Pictured is one of the first times the SEP team ever met Hexter, on our first day in our new office.  These postcards were placed at each team member’s desk as part of our welcome celebrations.


Adding Hexter to SEP’s brand has been a fun, collaborative process. Learn more about the creation and implementation of Hexter throughout our blog.