We heart people.

Here at SEP, our core values center on people. That’s why we’ve built a culture where people can grow and everyone is accepted. Where people’s talents can shine through. And where everyone can learn, grow and push each other to do their best work.

Why we heart...our purpose.

We love to think. And make. And push the boundaries of design, engineering, and software. This isn’t easy work, but it’s meaningful.

SEP looks like a tech-focused business, but the tech is the easy part. Our work is actually all about people—our teams, our clients, the people who use and benefit from the things we build.

We build teams of awesome people who love to solve problems and make life better. They have to be skilled, smart, engaged, and passionate. And they can’t do their best work unless they feel accepted, included, and respected.

Be a human, not a robot. Be patient, kind, and humble. Be a great teammate. Be yourself.

– Raman Ohri, President & CEO

How we heart

No organization has a monopoly on talent; smart, effective people are everywhere. Unfortunately, aspects of work undermine that innate talent and drive—too much multitasking, bureaucracy, and distractions. We obsess about removing those drags on people’s innate drive and ability. We work constantly to put our people in a position where the talent shines through. In turn, they stick around, grow and push each other to do their best work.
  • You can expect:

    • A workplace without drama
    • Work with a purpose
    • Support of your curiosity
    • Encouragement of a growth mindset
    • To win and lose as a team
    • Transparency at every level
    • Acceptance of the whole you
    • Time and grace to find your way

    Be ready to:

    • Own your professional development
    • Be counted on by peers and clients
    • Live with uncertainty
    • Balance growth and comfort
    • Identify problems and help discover solutions
    • Embrace candid feedback
    • Assume good intent and give grace to others
    • Hear and discuss different perspectives
  • We believe in work/life balance, having fun, and staying healthy. That’s why we’re 100% employee owned and offer:

    • Free time off (FTO)
    • Parental leave
    • Employee Resource Groups (ERG)
    • Social teams
    • Holiday events
    • Fitness reimbursements and onsite classes
  • When you join SEP, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

    • Guide Program
    • SEP Learns
    • Technical Mentorship Program

    As you stay at SEP, you’ll enjoy these ongoing benefits:

    • Career Path
    • Customer Experience Skill Development Program
    • Frequent “Be a Better Teammate” training
    • Leadership Development Program
    • Self-directed and company-led professional development
  • We’re all about paying it forward and supporting our neighbors. That’s why we’re active with:

    • Pay it Forward Program
    • SEP Talks
    • Charitable giving
    • The SEP Foundation
    • The Maker Scholarship
    • STEAM community support
Laura Buckles

Feeling the love

“One of the things that attracted me to SEP was how much they care about growth. Not only do they want individuals to do their best, but they want everyone to do their best together. SEPeers are constantly learning new things and excitedly teaching each other so they can all grow and become an even better company as a whole. This emphasis on being awesome together and a culture of caring are some of the reasons why I came back to SEP after my internship.”
Laura Buckles, UX Designer
Katelyn Blum

Feeling the love

"The best part of showing up for work is because of the incredible people I work with! SEP has some of the brightest, friendliest, and most supportive people who delight in sharing knowledge and growing from experiences. Nobody expects you to know everything when you come to SEP, but everyone is willing to help you find the answers you need to be successful."
Katelyn Blum, Junior Systems Administrator

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