3Q Book Review: Persuasive Business Proposals

June 28, 2011

Persuasive Business Proposals by Dr. Tom Sant

What’s the point? The point of this book is to write clearly and concisely, to differentiate yourself, and to better equip yourself with tools for writing persuasively.  Ultimately, this book is designed to help you and your company write winning proposals.

How was it? Good.  I honestly felt that this book was easy to read.  Many times, there is even some humor written into the book.  Two of the best tools that I took away from this book were NOSE (Needs, Outcomes, Solution, Evidence) and Cognitive Webbing.  These tools seemed to help structure my writing and organize my thoughts.

Who should read it? Anyone who wants to be involved in writing proposals.  Anyone who is responsible for writing, reading, or approving proposals.  Anyone who is on a team that is involved with communicating about proposals.  Even if you don’t agree with everything Dr. Sant wrote, it gives us some common language to work from.

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