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Think Software Maintenance is Expensive? Here’s Why It’s Worth the Investment.

The world of software and software development moves at lightning speed. Every day, new tools are introduced. Languages and frameworks are upgraded. App store requirements change. Operating systems are updated. New hardware is announced. So, what happens if the software world evolves but your software codebase doesn’t? Development Tools Chain Reaction Development tools continue to […]
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Did the 1973 Oil Crisis Create Lean Software Development?

US car companies were booming in the early 1970’s. Americans loved big cars and had cash to buy them. Demand for oil rose so quickly that, by 1969, the US began importing oil. Not long after, oil exporting nations began using US dependence on their oil to influence US foreign policy. During the first embargo […]
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Pulling the Andon Cord

In the manufacturing world, the Andon cord obligates anybody who spots a problem to stop production. Anybody. Andon cords are a part of the Toyota Production System. The Andon cord is a simple rope that extends the length of the production line. (Black/yellow cords in the picture above) Pulling the rope stops production. Toyota not […]
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How I Used Lean and Agile . . . for Dog Training

We’ve re-entered the world of training service dog puppies. This time, the team is bigger – the whole family is participating. How do we keep everyone organized? Turns out, Agile is a natural fit. Backlog – All the commands we need to teach her The Puppy Raisers Manual describes all the commands the puppy must master. Each command […]
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Strategies for IoT Edge Devices in Noisy Channels.

As Internet of Things technologies mature, there is more focus on aggregation of disparate information. Edge devices provide the rich data streams on which those techniques are based. While low level design of an edge device or its wireless protocol may not be foremost in a developers mind, a basic knowledge of techniques employed can […]
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The Most Popular Wireless Standard You’ve Never Heard Of (Part III)

Part III: Getting the Message Through In Part II, we explored some of the physical aspects of 802.15.4 networks. Way back in Part I, we saw why the ISM Band is so popular. In this post, we’ll explore ways that 802.15.4 networks can reliably operate in this crowded band. It’s a Jungle Out There By […]
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The Most Popular Wireless Standard You’ve Never Heard Of (Part II)

Part II: The Self-Organizing Network In part I, we started exploring the features of 802.15.4 networks. In this post, we’ll explore the ways these devices organize themselves into networks. The 802.15.4 standard describes three node types. Nodes are the Things that make up the Internet of Things. Nodes can arrange themselves into free-form mesh networks, […]
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The Most Popular Wireless Standard You’ve Never Heard Of (Part I)

Part I: Life on the Edge As the Internet of Things (IoT) gained popularity, the industry needed radios that could provide a reasonable data rate at a low cost using battery power. IoT edge devices needed wireless connectivity that was simple to implement, inexpensive to manufacture, and cheap to operate. Batteries needed to last months, […]
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