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Functional Programming

What is FP? Unfortunately, Functional Programming (FP) isn’t really a single thing. It’s a bunch of different programming constructs that get put together for traditional, convenience, implementational, or mathematical reasons. Some elements of FP, like higher order and anonymous functions, have slowly become ubiquitous, which tends to confuse the dialog. I’ll try to keep this […]
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Steam Engines

Typically when you think about the software engineering profession, the first thing to come to mind isn’t steam engines.  However, I believe that studying past technologies may provide valuable insights to how our profession, heavily reliant on computer technology, may evolve and change. If I trapped you in a corner and started asking you about […]
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Category Theory and Software Engineering

This is a write-up for the book Categories for the Working Mathematician written by Saunders Mac Lane.  Someone indicated to me that they would be interested in seeing the write-up in blog format.  So here we go. Initially, I didn’t think that category theory was necessarily something that really fits in well with your typically […]
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