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Automated Testing for CloudFormation Templates

CloudFormation is a powerful tool that allows you to define your AWS infrastructure as code. And like any piece of software, testing is an important part of the software development lifecycle. This is especially important when practicing continuous delivery or continuous deployment. In this post, I will walk through a working example of a CI/CD […]
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Migrating from Heroku CI to Jenkins on AWS – Part Two

In the previous post, I went into depth about our migration from Heroku CI to Jenkins on AWS by containerizing our CI/CD using Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and the Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin for Jenkins. This allowed us the flexibility of defining all of the different types of build agents we required as […]
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Migrating from Heroku CI to Jenkins on AWS – Part One

In a recent blog post, I spoke about a migration from Heroku to AWS that Todd Trimble and I did for a client project. If you are interested in some of the backstory of this migration, you should check that out. In this post I would like to dive into what we did to move […]
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Transitioning from Heroku to AWS

In June of 2017 I was asked to evaluate AWS for one of our major client programs. The client was utilizing Heroku for their Cloud solution and at our urging, as well as other external influencers, leaning more towards AWS. We setup a test account under SEP’s AWS account and from there setup a mock […]
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App Crashing on 32-bit Devices When Resigning Xamarin.iOS IPAs

Recently on a project, we were receiving reports from some users that the iOS app we had developed with Xamarin was crashing immediately after opening the application, but only on certain devices. Basically the application would display the splash screen for a second or two, then would immediately return to the home screen. Once we were able […]
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