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A Simple Aid to Avoid Email Embarrassment

Yesterday, I was watching one of the podcasts I regularly view, and they mentioned that on gmail there is a feature that will notice if you’ve typed something like “I’ve attached the file you wanted” and clicked “send” without actually attaching a file. If it sees that, it will give you the chance to cancel […]
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Deconstructing “always” and “never”

How many times has a statement (requirement) like one of the following been given to you? (only to find out months later that there is an important exception that was not given to you): Field X will always be a positive integer! (except for the case where we decided long ago to populate it with “-9999” […]
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Client Tenure – Dealing with clients for the long haul

I’m in a fairly unique position here at SEP. For the last seven years (out of the ten I’ve been here), I’ve worked almost exclusively on a series of related projects for the same client. When I say client, in reality I’m talking about the company since the individuals that I’ve dealt with have changed […]
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