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A DALL·E 2-generated image that used the following prompt: An open text-book that has human hands that are holding a brain in a jar

Curious About How to Get Started with LLM App Dev? Let’s Go!

LLM app dev sounds scarier than it is. Luckily, open source frameworks exist with excellent guides, great documentation, and active communities. Find below a series of toys, tasks, and videos that will take you from “aware that LLMs exist” to “building an LLM-based app”. Wait, what are LLMs? Some of this article can be practiced […]
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DALL-E 2 generated image: Transformer robots playing guitar and drums in a rock band onstage, band poster

Helpful Tools to Make Your First Voice Clone Dataset Easy to Build

Helpful Tools to Make Your First Voice Clone Dataset Easy to Build Voice clones are really, really good now. And there are a bunch of companies that sell them. Do yourself a favor and spend five minutes playing with a voice clone from any of these services. ElevenLabs is not listed in that article but […]
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SEP hex pattern overlay of person working on laptop

System Testing Multiple Deployment Environments in Cypress 10

Brief intro to Cypress In their own words, “Cypress is a next generation front end testing tool built for the modern web.” If you are not familiar with Cypress, check out their Getting Started docs and then Write Your First E2E Test. If you’ve arrived here from a Selenium-based tool, you might appreciate this comparison article from Cypress. I found this Cypress […]
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