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Facilitator at the whiteboard in a lean coffee meeting

A Super Simple How-To Guide for Running Lean Coffee Meetings

Almost every time I facilitate Lean Coffee meetings, someone will follow up afterward to ask, “What was that meeting style called? Can you share a ‘how-to’?” Well, I didn’t have one. And a quick Google search, like “how to run a lean coffee meeting,” only leads to long articles, hard-to-parse explanations, and companies trying to […]
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SEP engagement managers meeting with whiteboard presentation

3 Ways Client Engagement Managers Bring Out the Best in SEP

Software product teams are made up of a variety of unique and vital skillsets that contribute to overall success. At SEP, this might look like: Engagement managers fostering collaboration between internal teams and client needs Team leads overseeing the detailed aspects of day-to-day project work Product discovery gurus facilitating workshops to build shared understanding, roadmaps, […]
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