balsamiq mockups

January 25, 2010

We recently used Balsamiq Mockups to redesign a set of web pages.  I’ve done a lot of designs on paper, in HTML, using FrontPage and even Visio before, and now I know, I was doing it the hard way every time.

Balsamiq offers a way to present user interface designs quickly and easily.  It has a drag and drop interface where you can choose from a number of common user interface elements and simply place them on your page wherever you need them.  Elements such as buttons and links can be customized to jump to the relevant page so that when you show the design in presentation mode, you can click the design as if it were a real web page.  There was little-to-no learning curve required to use this tool effectively and we were able to show the designs to our client and modify them to suit their needs in real-time during our design review.  Very convenient.  This is my new favourite web-page design tool.