Indy.Code() Conference Debuts in Indianapolis

April 7, 2017

The Indy.Code() conference held its inaugural event in Indianapolis on March 29-31, 2017. This multi-city software development conference presents topics that cover all aspects of software creation. The Indianapolis event had 100 hands-on workshops and breakout sessions presented by recognized industry experts. There were dedicated tracks for project management, mobile development, and functional programming.

SEP had six speakers selected to present at this year’s inaugural Indianapolis conference. SEP’s speakers talked about a wide variety of topics:

  • David Aramant – Scalable computing (68 Gigapixel Buddhabrot)
  • Jon Fuller – Medical Mobile App Development
  • Sasha Kotlyar – Security and Cryptography
  • Jyotsna Raghuraman – Women and Diversity in Tech
  • Mike Rogers – Software Estimation and Forecasting Methods
  • Tre Sutton – Functional Programming and Monads

“The Indy tech scene is diverse and cutting edge. I was super excited when I heard this conference was coming to town,” said Jon Fuller SEP’s Director of Software Engineering. “We haven’t had a developer-focused conference in town for several years. This is a great opportunity for the Indy software development community to learn from industry leaders and to show off how awesome we are to folks outside the local community.”

Conference speakers were selected by conference organizers for being experts in their field. There were 63 speakers who presented in over 100 sessions.

“Attendees gave me feedback that they enjoyed my talk because I was presenting on something that was fun and different from the traditional business value sessions,” said David Aramant, Staff Software Engineer. “I’m already planning my topic for next year and look forward to catching up with the new connections I made at the conference.”

From software architecture to JavaScript frameworks to ASP.NET Core, the conference had a great mix of content for varying levels of expertise.

Dave Fancher was the co-organizer of the Indy conference. “We had two goals for this year’s event,” explained Dave. “First, we wanted to break the development community out of its various silos by bringing as many people together as possible for a shared learning and networking experience. Our second goal was to help Indianapolis (and Indiana as a whole) maintain the momentum it has achieved with getting national attention as a technology leader by showcasing local talent alongside of the established national and international talent.”

Indy.Code() is part of the Amegala conference series, founded in 2010. The founding belief of the series is that software development is an essential industry and the people who develop and manage software have a key role to play in the future of our economy. In 2017, there will be conferences in 4 different markets (Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Des Moines, IA; Lincoln, NE) and they are expected to reach over 3,000 software development professionals across these 4 events.

Next year’s Indy.Code() conference will be held on April 16-18, 2018.

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